Your team of event architects. Our biggest passions are seeing the dreams for your event realized with excellence and craftsmanship.


Rebekah Dani Events is a full service luxury event and design firm based in California. We believe in creating beautiful experiences for clients who value the art of celebration. Our expertise is in orchestrating every aspect of your event. From detailed planning and logistics to design and execution, we are with you every step of the way saving you your most precious asset, time. Our goal is to collaborate with you, designing an event that is breathtaking, unique, and an absolute good time.

Bringing Art & Ease To Your Event Process

Rebekah is the heart and soul of this company and is driven by the art of connection and celebration. 

Celebration was something she came to value early on, instilled through her family, it became a core value that there are no limits when it comes to celebrating life and the beautiful people in it. Connection is at the very core of who we are as people, and events create a the perfect space for connection to build. 

Rebekah knows the value of hard work and its counterpart, play. As a black woman and the first in her family to receive a Masters degree she has built this company from scratch. Which is why she has a passion to serves the hard working woman, helping her ease into play, celebration, and basking in life's special moments. She prides herself on excellence, quality, and a standard for beauty in all things. 

Rebekah is a woman of many facets with a diverse background in the arts & entertainment, event production, communications, business administration, design, customer service & retail, and creative storytelling which gives her company a unique edge in the industry. Her team of trained professionals come with knowledge and skills that enhance their ability to meet each of their clients needs and desires. 

After starting Rebekah Dani Events in Los Angeles, CA in 2015 she continued to think bigger when moving to Northern California. Now 7 years later, she and her team are serving locations all throughout California; Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Shasta County, SF Bay Area, Sonoma County, and Greater Sacramento region. With our love for travel, no matter the destination we are there. 

Rebekah believes that creating spaces for celebration and connection is the greatest honor she could have. 

Founder & Lead Designer


meet the team

Maria Uribe 

Graphic Designer 

Rachel Boddenberg 

Event Assistant

TIM Boddenberg 

Event Assistant